Helping you become an Independent Solar Agent.

The solar industry needs help in reducing the soft costs of developing solar projects. Customer acquisition, one of the expensive soft costs, still maintains a high pricetag. Solar Site Design was built to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by helping the next generation of Independent Solar Agents. 

Who are the next generation of Independent Solar Agents? They include electrical contractors, roofers, home automation experts, general contractors, HVAC professionals, or any other independent service professional who is looking to expand their service offering. 

By tapping into their existing database of hundreds (in many cases, thousands) of customers, they can significantly reduce customer acquisition costs in the solar industry. Capturing important information while already on the job site is necessary to begin the estimating and design process. This is where Solar Site Design comes in. Download our app and register with Solar Site Design, and you have the ability to:

     - Receive a complimentary solar feasibility drawing for your project. 

     - Make a commission off of your leads that convert.

     - Connect to and represent a world leader in innovative solar solutions.

Solar Site Design was founded in January 2013 by CEO Jason Loyet. With nearly a decade of solar experience, Solar Site Design was built to gather information about a solar project that can be instantly shared with all stakeholders in the project. Our team understands that the soft costs of the solar industry can be a road block in the development of new solar projects. Soft costs include installation, customer acquisition, permitting, etc., and can cost as much as 60% of a solar project. So, our team built Solar Site Design to help streamline the process of sharing information, all while empowering new Independent Solar Agents to enter the industry and help reduce expensive soft costs.

Our team has completed both a clean tech accelerator and a social enterprise accelerator, hosted and produced by Village Capital/Venture Well and The Nashville Entrepreneur Center, respectively. We are committed to creating new jobs and restoring a cleaner environment, and streamlining the solar development process. We track our metrics and are proud to work as a socially-conscious business.


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