Need Help Quoting a Solar Project?

Then let Solar Site Design help. We all know that the cost of solar panels and other equipment have plummeted, but the soft costs of projects remain sky high (sometimes as much as 60% of the project!).

Roofers and electrical contractors are the solar installers of the future. By tapping into their existing database of hundreds (in many cases, thousands) of customers, they can significantly reduce the pain point of the solar industry - soft costs. Capturing important information while already on the job site is necessary to begin the estimating and design process. This is where Solar Site Design comes in. Download Solar Site Design, and you have access to:

     - A complimentary solar feasibility drawing. 

     - Complete, full-service engineering and permitting quotes customized for your specific solar project.

     - Competitive solar equipment quotes direct from the manufacturer and/or supplier.

     - Financial plan* customized with your company's logo.

Our team works collaboratively to provide roofers and electrical contractors a complete solar kit, with interactive customer service provided by both our engineering and manufacturing team from start to finish. By working through the Solar Site Design platform, you have access to an online content management system (CMS) to give you real-time updates of the most up-to-date project documents. Collaboration and communication is key to building a successful business, especially in a digitally-focused world.

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 *Most accurately completed upon receipt of the utility bills.